Company Policies
  • James Spence Authentication, LLC is an independent company. The opinions rendered by our staff are not influenced by another company's opinion nor do we seek to influence any other company.
  • Certification and authentication involves an individual judgment that is subjective and requires the exercise of professional opinion, which can change from time to time. Therefore, JSA makes no warranty or representation and shall have no liability whatsoever to the customer for the opinion rendered by JSA on any submission.
  • Our typical turnaround time is 10 days; however the schedules of the authenticators will dictate the actual time a submission is to be returned.
  • We do not assist customers in reimbursement issues.
  • JSA will not be held responsible for unforeseen circumstances when traveling to and from an authentication site.
  • JSA will exercise reasonable care in handling submissions for authentication. However, if JSA determines the customer's submission was lost or damaged while in JSA's possession, the customer will be compensated in accordance with JSA's standard procedures and not necessarily based upon the insured value the customer assigned to the item(s) submitted.
  • Appointments must be made for office visits. Depending on the amount of items to be authenticated and work load of the staff, your letters can be produced at the time of authentication.
  • If not specified, JSA will assume discretion of the placement of the pressure sensitive sticker on your authenticated item.
  • We respect the opinions and views of others and it is not our policy to comment on the reputations of other company's, dealers, or persons associated with the hobby.
  • It is our firm policy for customers not to contact our office for results. We typically process and ship orders within two weeks of package receipt. Please await your return shipment which will include our written results regardless of outcome - ABSOLUTELY NO authentication result information will be given over the phone, fax or by e-mail.
Compensation Policy

Should your item become damaged or lost while in the possession of JSA, action will be taken according to the following policy:
  • A comparable replacement will be made if possible. If not, compensation will be based on current fair market value (FMV)
  • If applicable, a validated and dated invoice is necessary - Proof of purchase must be presented before any compensation procedures begin.
  • Payment will be deemed as the current fair market value based exclusively on JSA's opinion and discretion.
  • Compensation will be in the form of the original payment received.
  • We will not recognize the value placed on the item by the customer for insurance purposes as the fair market value.
  • Maximum restitution for an item submitted for "Stamp of Approval" services will be $20.00.
Auction House LOA Guidelines

James Spence Authentication, LLC (JSA) offers several different forms of authenticity which includes a service specifically designed for approved auction houses. These Auction House Letters of Authenticity (LOA) are exclusively created to accommodate national auction houses keeping in mind the large volume of signature material presented in a specific catalogue. The winning bidders receive our Auction House LOA on our proprietary watermarked paper containing the lot number, item(s) description (per the auction house) and date of the offering.
These generic LOAs differ from our premium documents in as much as they are preliminary reviews of the items and do not go through the rigors our full examination process. Unlike the premium JSA LOA, the Auction House versions do not contain the live notarized signature of James Spence, a high resolution digital scan of the signature(s), certification number and sequential sticker, nor our own specific description of the offered lot. The text provided by the auction house is solely their verbiage.
If the winning auction bidder elects to have the LOA upgraded to our premium service, JSA charges a $50 upgrade fee per individual item. This service is recommended by JSA and will ensure the highest level of our opined expertise. In the rare event that our opinion differs from our original consultation with the auction house, no upgrade fee will be charged. Only original auction house JSA LOAs are accepted for our upgraded service. Photocopies are not accepted. It is important to for all of our customers to fully understand the differences in our products to avoid any misconceptions or confusion.

NOTE: Policies are subject to change at the discretion of James Spence Authentication, LLC